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Digital identity in healthcare

Truu is revolutionising healthcare identity and pre-employment checks. Over 1m patient appointments are lost and £200m spent every year in the NHS alone, due to hospital pre-employment checks. Junior doctors move hospitals every 6 months, and each change requires an identical repetitive identity and document check by the new hospital; a process that starts 2 months before the start date and 60% of checks fail due to missing or outdated documents. This creates a huge administrative burden on hospitals and clinicians, taking them away from patient care.

Clinicians are also hampered by inefficient clinical IT systems. Doctors have between 12-20 different systems to log into and can spend over 45 mins per day accessing the systems. An efficient single sign on system would reduce login times by over 90%.

Using the Truu Digital Wallet, healthcare professionals collate their digital identification, qualification and training attributes issued and cryptographically signed from trusted issuing organisations. Organisations wanting to onboard new employees use Truu’s Enterprise Agent to issue and request specific credentials from the individuals, which are consented and shared using their Digital Wallet. This places individual’s data back in their hands, creating a GDPR-by-design platform that meets national employment
standards. Through the issue of sign on credentials, clinicians can use passwordless single sign on to access their clinical IT systems.

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Value proposition

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